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In The Beginning

 God Created... 


A dry stone wall could never be formed by randomly falling stones in a landslide. All living things are made up of far greater complexity in their cells than in this wall; so they could not have appeared by random events either. Scientific observation and common sense tells you  orderly complexity can only appear as a result of intelligent design. Meet the Intelligent Designer...


Creation vs Evolution

Pages discussing scientific observation and Bible teaching on the subject



Pages relating to the Christian faith



Different musical items, including three musical plays and various piano pieces


The Challenge

Can you take the challenge to prove that evolution happened?

Good God, limousine.jpg

Good God!

It's a fairly common saying, but is it true?

If you only read one page on this site, please read this one!

Big Bang.JPG

Big Bang or Big Con?

What does scientific observation tell us about the Big Bang?

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