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The Bible: God's Word

Is it God's word, or merely what some people thought? What does the Bible say about itself?

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How To Become A Christian

The Bible tells us how to have a relationship with God. See here.

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Good God!

It's a fairly common saying, but is it true?

If you only read one page on this site, please read this one!


A Horrible Pit

Two events in my life when I was in a horrible pit - and how I escaped!

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Son of God

A musical play about the encounter of a young couple with the Son of God


Hind's Feet

Music based on Hannah Hurnard's classic story, Hind's Feet on High Places.

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Bid for a Bride

A musical written by Chrissy Morris-Brady based on the Old Testament prophet Hosea. Music by Les Sherlock,


Six Days

What does the Bible say about the first six days in history?


Test of Faith

Is this theistic evolution course true to science and the Christian faith, or is it fraud?


Root of all Evil

A debate between an atheist and a theistic evolutionist: who wins?


How Old is the Earth?

Can we see in the Bible the age of our planet?


How Did He Do That?

What does the Bible tell us about our Creator and how He did it?


100 truths about Jesus

Bible verses telling us about these different aspects of His life.


Jehovah's Witnesses

How does the teaching line up with the Bible?

The Wedding!

My life was transformed by this 2020 event! With a menu to jump to various points.

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What Does the Lord Require of you?

What does God want of His created beings?

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Healing: the Christian's Birth Right

A comprehensive look at what the Bible says about healing for today.


Church Leadership

What does the Bible say about this subject?


The Importance of God's Word

The Bible is the most important thing you will ever meet. See here for the reason.


Saying Yes to Life

Does this book, promoted by the Church of England, say "Yes" to the Bible?


When Christians Die - What Then?

What happens to a Christian after death? What does the Bible say?


Mother-Heart of God

Is God our Mother as well as our Father?


Reasons to Believe

How reasonable is this?


What is Truth?

Everyone thinks they know the truth, including the Roman Catholic Church. How can we really know?


The Bible Course

Is this course from the Bible Society true to the Bible?



Probably one of the most important issues for the Christian

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The Trinity - Truth or Tradition?

Does the Bible teach the Trinity?



What does the Bible teach about drinking alcohol?

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The Gap Theory

Is it possible to insert billions of years into Genesis chapter one?

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The Church of England

Decisions at two synods caused a radical shift in the Church

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Women in the Church

What does the Bible teach about the role of women in the Church?

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The Cure

The Bible gives us the complete cure for sin, but does this book?

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Love Thy Neighbour

Our prime purpose is love - first for God and then for others. What will it be though?


End Times

There's almost as many theories as people promoting them. Here's another!

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Israel, Moslems and Christians

Three major world faiths. How do we respond?

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Prison Poems

Poems by a Christian imprisoned for his faith

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