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Prison Poems


Prison Poems


Posted April/May 2021 but originally 2020





Clarence Bentley, my maternal grandfather, was a committed Christian and lived his life solidly following the teaching of the Bible. He, like my paternal grandparents and my parents, was a member of the Glad Tidings Hall, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal Church, Boyer Street, Derby. This church had its beginnings above a carpenter's workshop in Derby, when its members were massively impacted by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the early part of the 20th century - I understand it was the first church in the Midlands to become ‘Pentecostal’ in experience. They grew significantly and took over the much larger hall in Boyer Street - the place to which I was taken as a baby and where I was baptised by full immersion at the age of 10 in 1954, following my decision to ask Jesus to become my Lord and Saviour four years earlier.


Sadly, my maternal grandmother died in 1930 when my mother was 11, so I never knew her. My grandfather married again, resulting in another son and daughter (Arthur and Eunice) to join the two daughters and son (my mother Iris, Faith and Cecil) he had from his first marriage. In another tragedy this marriage was to end in divorce, so my only memory of him is him living alone in Holtlands Drive, Derby.

grandded Bentley, Iris and Cyril.jpg
Intro continued

c1920 with his then family, Iris sitting on her

mother’s knee and Cecil standing to her left.


When World War One broke out, he stood firm as a conscientious objector, and this being looked upon far more seriously than was the case during World War II, he was sentenced to prison - Wormwood Scrubs. He was treated very badly there, as everyone looked down on those who refused to fight for King and country; and when he was not in prison he was obliged to serve his country by working on a farm. (A poem, 25th April 1915, was written – ‘after conflict - in Hognaston’, a tiny Derbyshire village near Carsington Water, and I believe this was when he was on the farm.) On one occasion the farmer set the bull on him, and generally made his life miserable.


When finally he was able to resume a ‘normal’ life, he was a compositor - setting the type for a printing firm. I remember my mother telling me that on one occasion the firm was asked to print a book that involved printing the Greek language. The Christians at Boyer Street studied Greek in order to better understand the New Testament, so he was familiar with it. When the job was finished, the company for whom the job was done contacted the printers to thank them, because not only had the book been printed well, but errors that had been made in the original Greek text of the book had been corrected - my grandfather’s work!


While he was in Wormwood Scrubs, and then after he was released, he wrote some poems, and my mother inherited the book in which he wrote them. In fact most of the poems here were written after his release, but I decided to call this page 'Prison Poems' in memory of those he wrote while there.


When my mother died I inherited the book, and so here are the poems. I have tried to reflect the wording and punctuation exactly as it is written. The language may appear quaint by today’s standards, but the use of ‘thee’ and ‘thou’, for example, was common practice in church circles at that time. My understanding is that where “After conflict” appears in a poem’s title, this refers to difficulties experienced in prison and various battles he faced after being released. On the first page it says:

Written in Wormwood Scrubs Prison, Jan 26 1917
on Foolscap Sheet which Governor gave me prior
to leaving for Work Centre, Warwick. I wrote it
originally on the slate in the wall, and rewrote it from slate


Through the night of weeping, through the night of pain,

Out of tribulation, we shall come again.

With our voices singing to the Risen Lord

Loud His praises ringing for His Mighty Word.

Over all victorious we shall gain the crown

At the feet of Jesus lay our trophies down.


Often being tempted we may be depressed,

Often in affliction we may be distressed;

Meeting many hardships, pressed by many foes,

But the Man Christ Jesus, every feeling knows.

He can give us succour, He can give us grace

Looking unto Jesus we shall run the race.


Oh! How great the Victor, now upon the Throne

What a revelation to His saints made known.

There He is exalted, There He reigns as King

Holy adoration unto Him we bring.

Satan still is raging, saints are in the fight

But are overcomers, clad in Jesu’s might.


We the cross must carry faithfully each day

Witnessing for Jesus all along the way.

Never must we falter, never once give in,

But be true and holy overcoming sin.

Speaking words of kindness, with fruition too

Not a better service could we ever do.


Soon our Lord is coming, we shall hear His voice

Caught up in a moment we shall all rejoice.

In His presence always, kings and priests to reign,

Clothed with wondrous glory, free from sin and pain.

What an holy calling, blessed hope in view,

Purifying heart and mind, keeping saints all true.


God doth purify their hearts, God doth keep them true!


See over for another
written either on 26th or 27th
of Jan. 1917


On the second page is written:


Have you been with Jesus and learned of Him

Have you felt His touch of power

Is your knowledge of Him faint and dim

Can you watch with Him one hour.


Would you know the joy of the secret life

Spirit in His presence each day

Blessed peace undisturbed by sin and strife

Learn of Jesus how to pray.


Have you been with Jesus outside the camp

Bearing His reproach and shame

Holding forth His Word as a lighted lamp

To those who despise His Name.

Then, as the offscouring, trodden down

And they by the world despised;

Of no reputation, losing renown,

But by Jesus recognised.


Have you been with Jesus, to share His grief

Alone in Gethsemane.

In agony for the sinners relief

From there to the cursed tree.

Are you willing the bitter cup to drink

And all on the Altar lay?

Not from the bitter suffering to shrink

But follow Him all the way


This is the process the rod and the knife,

Chastisement, affliction, too.

For those who have suffered with Jesus shall reign

But this is the way of abundant life,

The work of the Potter to do.


The next page begins all the poems that follow here and is headed:


Meditations of a Sinner “saved by grace.”




Written November 12th 1914


The moments are passing, how quickly they go.

I say, my dear friend, it’s a blessing to know

That each one was grasped as quick as it came

With one thought in mind, to honour His name.

The moments are passing, but how very small,

Though each one will count in numbering up all,

But listen, dear friend, each one of them make

A life that is lived asleep or awake.

The moments are passing to everyone given

Opportunities many - a ladder to heaven.

“What are they?” you ask; the result will be known

When you and I gather around the Great Throne.

The moments are passing, “the night is far spent.”

Christ Jesus is coming - are you content

With no souls to greet Him, with nothing to bring

As an offering to Jesus - your Saviour and King?

The moments are passing, “awake thou that sleepest,”

And Christ shall give to thee life that is sweetest.

Thrice has He called thee; morn, noon and night,

Hasten to answer, obedience brings light.

The moments are passing, but how very true

That Jesus has something for each one to do.

A service to render, a burden to bear,

A kindly word spoken dries many a tear.

The moments are passing, and what have we done?

How much has been wasted - how many years gone?

Opportunity comes like a wide-open door

Which one day will close to open no more.

The moments are passing, but glory to God,

That life will speak, although ‘neath the sod;

Whose motive was pure, whose love always true

In constant well-doing life’s journey through.

The moments are passing, but each one must bring

Us nearer to Jesus, for to Him we cling.

How precious the moments in fellowship sweet,

Continually hearing the Word at His feet.

The moments are passing, renewed by His power,

We’ll continue to follow hour by hour.

Shadows may darken, faith may grow weak

But He never faileth, ‘tis Him we seek.

The moments are passing, His Word is the same:

A cup of cold water given in Christ’s name

Shall not be forgotten, though years may pass by

As God will reward in eternity.

The moments are passing, grasp every one

Opportunity affords you to honour God’s Son.

Thus life will be sweeter, and nothing be lost,

In honouring Jesus, whatever the cost.


Learn of Me

“Learn of Me”

Nov. 26th 1914


“Learn of Me,” O little flock

As it is written, “Ask, seek, knock,

Follow Me” husband and wife.

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.”

“Learn of Me,” and do my will

I bid the winds and waves “be still”

“‘Tis he who doeth,” saith my Word

Not they who only say, “Lord, Lord."

“Learn of Me,” When burdens bear

“And take My yoke - life with Me share.

“Rest unto your souls” ye seek,

You shall then know that I am meek.”

“Learn of Me,” the path to know

“For my sake and the Gospel’s, go

Praying still, “Thy will be done”

Then you shall hear the glad “well done.”

“Learn of Me,” afflicted soul

Your burdens now upon Me roll.

In the stillness of the day

I am listening when you pray.

“Learn of Me,” afflicted one

Physician greater there is none.

Words I speak to make thee whole

And pour fresh life into your soul.


Setting of the sun

The Setting of the Sun

November 27th 1914

Tune: How sweet the name of Jesus sounds


How beautiful the setting sun,

All golden are its rays;

What splendour and magnificence

God’s handiwork displays.

What warmth it gives, what light it sheds;

Its equal there is none.

How perfect too, in every part,

The work of God alone.

Sometimes the clouds may gather round,

To hide it from our view

That we might value it the more

Each time it passes through.

And yet this is one world alone,

The work of God’s own hand;

And to the sons of men made known

The heavens He has planned.

His purpose is to manifest -

However great or small,

This is the lesson we must learn -

His wondrous love to all.

More warmth than that the sun can give,

Or light than it can shed,

The Son of Righteousness imparts;

To raise souls from the dead.


God will keep

God Will Keep

November 28th 1914


“Kept in His hand, sealed with His blood,

“All things working together for good.”

His divine purpose unfolding to thee

What has been prepared from eternity.


Kept in His hand, no fears alarm;

No foe can follow to do thee harm.

The secret place of the Most High there dwell

Secure from all fiery darts from hell.


Kept in His hand, there to abide

Walking along by the Saviour’s side.

No better place can be found than this.

Led by His Spirit, thy hand in His.


Kept in His hand, what joy I find.

His covering presence before and behind,

Waiting upon Him, day by day.

He is my God, my Guide, my Stay.


Kept in His hand, walking by faith,

Obedient to what His Spirit saith.

Into green pastures so often led;

Upon His Word, continually fed.


The Second Coming

The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

December 23rd 1914


We can upon Thy Word rely

That soon again Thou wilt appear

Though scoffers may this truth deny

We feel the time is drawing near.


We have this consciousness within

As sweet as pardon to the soul

Entirely sanctified from sin

Triumphant we shall reach the goal.


We know not when the time will be

Our safest guide to “Watch and pray”

For then the Bridegroom we shall see

Ready to meet Him on that day.


Uncertain though Thy saints may be

When Thou shalt come in mighty power

They live in blest expectancy

E’en if it be the midnight hour.


Great European War

The Great European War

Written Jan. 5th 1915


The noise of battle, Lord we hear

     Cannons bursting forth their shell

Too many precious lives we fear

     By cruel armaments have fell

Whilst the conflict still is raging

     Hatred reaches to its height

Men with men their souls are waging

     Watchman! Say, “What of the night?”


Clouds of smoke are gathering round

     Gruesome sights behold the eye

Bodies shattered on the ground

     Others heard through wounds to sigh

Against each other swords are drawn

     As man to man no reason why

Lord, grant us soon a brighter morn

     In lasting peace the nations tie.


Amid these scenes a cry we hear

     From soldiers’ lips, whose hearts are torn

Realising death so near

     “For such an end we were not born.”

Is not God’s purpose through His Son

     Whatever nation, class, or tongue

To knit all hearts by love in one

     This only can subdue the wrong.


Unless Thy will is done below

     Hastening peace can never reign

And Thy love men better know

     To forsake all selfish gain.


Childrens hymn

A Children’s Hymn

Written, Jan 17th 1915


My thoughts are known to Jesus

     About Him I must think

If I would grow more holy

     And never from Him shrink.


He bids me not forget Him

     Whilst in my younger years

But early seek to serve Him

     And spare me many tears.


My words are known to Jesus

     Yes! Every one I speak

If they are kind and helpful

     To some who may be weak.


To know that Jesus listens

     How careful I should be

Lest I should often grieve Him

     Who died on Calvary.


My love is known to Jesus

     If it is weak or strong

And, by the love of Jesus

     I’m kept from harm and wrong.


There is but one Good Shepherd

     Such wondrous love has shown

And they who truly love Him

     To others make it known.


Second Coming 2

The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

February 1st 1915


1. Jesus Christ our Lord is coming

     Precious truth that God has given

For His saints who now are waiting

     His return in power from heaven

We shall know Him when we see Him

     By the marks where nails were driven.


CHORUS:- He is coming, He is coming

     Jesus Christ Who died for me

He is coming, yes! He’s coming

     Soon His lovely face I’ll see


2. Though the cloud that once received Him

     Closed again at His command

Jesus’ feet, as it is written,

     Shall upon Mount Olives stand.

They will sing the song of Moses

     When the saints in heaven land.


CHORUS:- He is coming, etc.


3. He of earth Lord and Creator

     None in heaven so great as He

Though by some despised rejected

     Everyone shall bow the knee

And the soldiers, which have pierced Him

     Filled with terror then will be.


CHORUS:- He is coming, etc.


4. Soon the cry: “Behold He cometh!”

     Will His saints with joy exclaim

Whether morning, noon or midnight

     They are ready, ‘Praise His Name!

Jesus Christ the Lord is coming

     All ye messengers proclaim.


The Risen Lord

The Risen Lord

February 15th 1915 (after conflict)


He lives, He lives, the Christ Who died

     The sin of man to bear;

He lives, He lives, Who overcame

     His victory you can share.


Exalted now upon the Throne

     Who greater can there be?

Oh, sinner, come, your Saviour own

     And He will set you free.


How great the price He had to pay

     To clear the sinners guilt

Himself upon the Altar lay

     His precious blood was spilt.


No longer now by Satan bound

     Or fear of death shall hold,

For God has put His armour round

     Christ’s righteousness makes bold.


He lives, He lives, and can impart

     The power to conquer sin;

“A broken and a contrite heart”

     He longs to enter in.


The Victory Gain

The Victory Gain

March 1st 1915 (After conflict)


1. Rejoice, the Lord your soul set free

- when lifted up on Calvary’s tree

Upon Himself your sin He took -

- In agony - by God forsook

A righteousness not of your own

He saves you by His grace alone.


CHORUS:- Rejoice, the Lord hath set you free

And mercy, grace and liberty

He gives to you the very hour

You trust in His redeeming power.


2. Your doubts and fears He can remove

Upon the throne He reigns above

To intercede for sinners such

Of Him you cannot ask too much

Just plead the Saviour’s Holy Name

The victory over Satan gain.


CHORUS:- Oh, Praise the Lord, the victory gain

In Jesus all-prevailing Name

All power on earth to Him is given

He lives to intercede in Heaven.


3. There never was a better Friend

Upon His word you can depend

His love so great, so strong and true

And everything for them to do

A crown of thorns upon this brow

“The Fairest of ten thousand” now.


CHORUS:- There never was a better Friend

Always the same, world without end

That love of His will never die

The worth of which gold cannot buy.

(Or: The love of Christ will never fade

Nor shall the gates of Hell prevail.)


Oh death where is thy sting

“Oh Death, Where is Thy Sting?”

March 2nd 1915


Welcome, O death, from mortal care

For sight will take the place of prayer

When once I pass the bars which now

So many in great terror bow,

         And sink beneath the load.

By faith in God’s abounding love,

Expect to meet my Lord above,

         Nor fear whilst on the road.


Oh, Blessed Christ, accept my praise

Which I in weakness to Thee raise,

Now broken are the jaws of death,

The Holy Scriptures plainly saith:

         “O death, where is thy sting?”

Thus when I reach the land of bliss

I’ll sing a nobler song than this,

         To Thee, my Lord and King.


Now grant to me a fuller light,

Before my faith gives place to sight.

Teach me obedience to Thy Word,

Help me to wield the mighty sword,

         And in Thy love repose.

Thrice blest is he who thus will love,

And every talent to Thee give:

         His soul he shall not lose.


Trust in Jesus

“Trust in Jesus”

March 11th 1915 (After conflict)


O doubting heart, by fears oppressed

In Jesus’ righteousness be dressed

        Nor fear at all.

Put on the armour, wield the sword

And with the Spirit of the Lord

        Your foes must fall.


Why sink beneath corroding care,

When Jesus waits to answer prayer,

        And take thy load?

E’en thought the path seems dark to tread,

Doubt not - you will be safely led

        He knows the road.


What though you have to face the foe?

With Jesus as your Captain go

        To victory.

Suffer men’s taunts in Jesus’ strength

You then will share with Him at length



Whisper Jesus

“Whisper Jesus”

March 16th 15 (After conflict)


When surrounded by your foes

        Whisper Jesus

        Whisper Jesus

This the victory Satan knows

        Jesus, Jesus.


When your faith gives place to fear,

        Whisper Jesus

        Whisper Jesus

In your weakness He draws near

        Jesus, Jesus.


Satan cannot make you fall

        Whisper Jesus

        Whisper Jesus

He will hear you when you call

        Jesus, Jesus.


Until these mighty conflicts cease

        Whisper Jesus

        Whisper Jesus

In tribulation, this your peace

        Jesus, Jesus.


Following Jesus

Following Jesus

April 13th 1915 (After conflict)


What shall I render gracious Lord,

   For all Thou art to me?

I’ll take the cup which Thou did’st drink

   Though bitter it may be.


Why should I faint, or yet complain,

   Though great may be the test;

Whilst following Thee along this path

   Thy will for me is best.


Oh lead me Lord, nor let me choose

   An easier path than this;

For I have taken up the cross

   And with it find the bliss.


In life, in death, whate’er betide

   Help me to faithful be

The visage, once by man so scarred

   In glory I shall see.


In Conflict

In Conflict

April 13, 1915 (After conflict)


Gird on thy sword, O child of God

   Fear not to wield it on your way

With the whole armour onward plod

   And wear it always, night and day.


The victory to Him belongs

   Who knows “the secret of the Lord;”

And only he can bravely fight

   Who trusts in God’s almighty Word.


Jesus has conquered every foe

   The Captain of salvation He

And in His might, upon the field,

   You also shall have victory.


The fallen hosts, by Satan led

   In cunning craftiness deceive

Alluring precious souls to doubt

   And thus do cords of bondage weave.


But Jesus Christ the Lord o’ercame

   And seated now upon the Throne

Led by His Spirit Him to know

   Can claim His victory as your own.


Take Courage

Take Courage

April 25th 15 (At Hognaston, after conflict)


What though the way seem dark and drear

His perfect love will cast out fear

The darkness cannot hide His face

For God will manifest His grace -

        And lead me on.


What if I’m called upon to make

A sacrifice for His dear sake

‘Tis but a little I can do

And I must gladly do it too

        He died for me.


What though my friends despise and shun

Whilst witnessing for God’s dear Son

This is the way the Saviour took

His own disciples Him forsook

        At Calvary.


Oh, Blessed Christ, to Thee I’ll raise

Each day I live a note of praise

I am not worthy of Thy grace

Yet Thou hast promised me a place

        In heaven above.


Whilst here on earth I dimly see

What all Thy love hath wrought for me

But looking for the better day

When the dark shadows flee away

        To see Thy face.


Outstretched Arms

The Outstretched Arms

May 4th 1915


His hands were lifted up to save, maybe

To-night you see them lifted up for thee

        Those woundprints plainly show

        That precious blood did flow


To save you from your sin and misery.

His hands were lifted up to bless, how true

That they are lifted up to rest on you

        His touch will make you whole

        Pour life into your soul


This very moment ask Him thus to do.

His hands were lifted up to smite, oh yes!

And now, as then, against unrighteousness

        Good works cannot appease

        The blood alone will please

“Flee from the wrath,” put on Christ’s righteousness.


Go ye

“Go Ye”

Composed April 21st 1915


I hear the heathen calling in unmistaken tones

   My heart is greatly burdened, for them my spirit groans

In darkness they are groping, in vain they seek for light

   Oh hear my prayer, Lord Jesus, and give to them their sight.


How much they long for freedom though circling all around

   Are numerous gods to keep them still bowing to the ground

They know not the Deliverer - the One to set them free

   By Satan kept in bondage in sin and misery.


More labourers Thou art needing to send into the Field

   The harvest truly plenteous, its fruit to Thee shall yield

We plead Thy Name Lord Jesus - we know Thy power to save

   The ones by Thee most fitted now and across the wave.


Dead unto sin

“Dead Unto Sin”

Sept 8th 1915


Put to death O child of God

Just as the seed placed ‘neath the sod

Your life with Christ identified

The fleshly lusts all crucified.


Nor need they rise to give Thee pain

The cleanséd heart once more to stain

Once reckoned dead you there abide

The blessing claimed - in Him confide.


Happy release both self and sin

The strongest foes which dwell within

Conquered by God’s Almighty power

Controlled by Him each day each hour.


How sweet to rest upon the Word

Filled with the fullness of the Lord

In knowledge and in grace to grow

Continually to the Spirit sow.


Thus Spirit filled and Spirit led

Joined unto Christ the Living Head

Unto His likeness be conformed

The mind renewed will be transformed.

(No longer to the world conformed

But by His Spirit now transformed.)


Be ye steadfast Unmoveable

Be Ye Steadfast Unmoveable

May 4th 1915 (After conflict)


Since the Saviour fought His way

And conquered in the darkest day

Shall we, who still are in the fight

Be overcome by Satan’s might

When Jesus Christ, at God’s right hand

Can give the power that we may stand

        And conquer too?


Since the cross He calmly bore

And rose again to die no more

Shall we, who follow in His train

From that same pathway turn again

Because it means the bitter cup

The very dregs to drink quite up

        And loneliness?


Since the veil was rent in twain

When Jesus Christ bore sin’s dark stain

Shall we neglect the Throne of Grace

Where strength is found to run the race

Whilst He our Priest there intercedes

And daily pleads the sinners needs

        That all may come?


The Lord is my helper

The Lord is My Helper

May 4th 1915


No path too dark for Christ to shed

   A radiance bright and clear

His sheep are by Him safely led

   The Shepherd’s voice they hear.


No foe too fierce for Christ to meet

   Which may beset us here

His foes will soon in haste retreat

   Whenever He comes near.


No foe too fierce for Christ to meet

   And saints the Victor know

From Him they soon in haste retreat

   That mighty Name they fear.


No pain too sharp for Him to feel

   Who intercedes above

And those who to His footstool kneel

   Know something of His love.


No load too hard for Christ to bear

   He gives His saints release

No trouble which he cannot share

   He gives a perfect peace.


The European War

The European War

June 14 1915 (12.0 p.m.)


Lord Jesus Christ, the Same

We call upon Thy Name

      For mercy great

Bid this great conflict cease

Give Universal peace

By Thy strong Hand release

      The grip of hate.


Our Advocate with God

Thou hast the winepress trod

      At Calvary

May Nations fear Thy Name

Be righteousness their aim

Put all Thy foes to shame

      Give liberty.


Thou art the Son of Love

The stain of war remove

      By Thine own blood

Lead to repentance now

All knees to Thee must bow

Nor faith can question how

      Thou workest good.


As King of kings supreme

Foes are not what they seem

      Of Lords the Lord

Our prayer of faith repeat

Whilst at Thy Mercy Seat

All foes beneath Thy feet

      And sheathed the sword.


Barabbas or Jesus

Barabbas or Jesus

(After preparing a message

on St Luke 23. 20 & 24)

Sept 4th 1915


“Away with this man” I hear the world say

“Give us Barabbas,” the murderer to-day.

Midst the great tumult and for such a throng

Pilate released Him, conscious of wrong.


CHORUS: “Barabbas or Jesus? To gain or to lose

             “So Great salvation,” which one will ye choose

             “You must give your verdict, you must bow the knee;

             “Barabbas or Jesus? Whom shall it be?


Into the judgement hall Jesus Christ came

Led by His enemies - hatred aflame.

Falsely accused, He patiently stood

Submissive and calm, whilst sealing His blood.

             or Judas betraying, shed innocent blood.


But did they forever put Jesus away

Who promised so often to rise the third day?

Nay, nay, this same Jesus to-day intercedes;

For sinners unworthy His precious blood pleads.


As Sinbearer and Saviour, before you He stands

The marks of the cross in His piercéd hands.

You must give your verdict, you must bow the knee,

“Barabbas or Jesus?” - Now, whom shall it be?


A Testimony

A Testimony

June 11th 15.


I am a sinner “saved by grace,”

Nor of myself could I retrace

The path which I have trod.

No merits of my own to plead

When in my heart I felt the need

Of Christ, the Son of God.


None righteous, “no not one” my cry

Nor works of righteousness could buy

The pardon of my soul

Jesus Christ, the sinners plea

He died for all - He died for me

His blood has made me whole

When I thus passed from death to life


(From here written on the 18th Sept 1926)


From bondage, darkness, sin and strife

It was through Christ the Lord.

By His own blood and risen power

He cleansed and pardoned in the hour

That I believed His Word


Born from above, regenerate,

Loosened from my lost estate

And justified

A child of God assuredly

And bound to Him eternally

By Christ Who died.


Jan 1916

Jan 1916


Living for Jesus every day

Walking with Him the narrow way

Trusting in Him when doubt and care

Would come along to hinder prayer

Meeting each trial with faith in God


Jesus Glorified

Jesus Glorified

Jan. 10, 16


Exalted now upon Thy Throne

    Is Jesus Christ the Lord

Around the throne His glory shines

    From Him proceeds a sword

It wounds, it heals, it pierces through

    Discerning every thought

And never will to Him return

    Unless some fruit is brought


In wondrous Love He speaks to all

    Convicting men of sin

The Holy Ghost. The Comforter

    Now seeks to enter in

Whosoever will may come

    The sinfulest He loves

And patiently, in mercy, too

    The heart of stone He moves


Oh, Gracious God, Thy Holy Name

    Let every saint adore

Through Jesus Christ Thine Only Son

    Who is and was before

To Thee the Father and the Son

    The Holy Spirit too

Be glory now and evermore

    The lasting ages through


        Jan 2nd 16


Oh praise the Lord and read His Word

    A blessing you will find

The peace of God has never failed to keep

    the heart and mind

Walk in the light - by faith not sight

    And ye will never fail

Though Satan seeks to hinder you with

    Christ you must prevail.


Dec 7 1915

Dec. 7. 1915.


Though in the sky the clouds may form

      And scatter darkening rays

I’ll lift my heart to Thee, Oh, God

      In thankfulness and praise.


The clouds of sin indeed were dark

      And darker could not be

When to Thee I gave no return

      For love bestowed on me.


Ah more than what we know or think

      In sunshine or in shade

Eye hath not seen nor ear hath heard

      What wonders Thou hast made.


But Thou hast changed my night to day

      And now - whate’er betide

The veil withdrawn - this is my joy

      Nothing Thy face can hide.

(Text in red added by Les Sherlock as this

line was blank after the first word)


God on the throne

God On The Throne

Dec. 14. 15


As black as night the landscape oer
The angry waves and billows roar
With all its strength the wind must own
And can but teach - God on the throne

God on the throne - my theme just now
The strongest gale to Him must bow
Wars may come and wars may go
But still this wondrous truth I know

Nations may fall and rise again
Wrong against right may seem to reign
But He who bade the winds “be still”
Makes all submissive to His will.


Xmas 1915

Xmas 1915


Once again ‘tis Christmas time

The Gospel Bells so sweetly chime

      The message of God’s peace

Jesus Christ the Saviour came

Embodied in a mortal frame

      The captives to release.


Rejoice ye saints of His, rejoice

Praise Him with heart and mind and voice

      The Prince of Peace is He

Oh, happy day when Christ was born

And happier still the day to dawn

      When we His Face shall see


The Holy Child Jesus

The Holy Child Jesus

Jan 15. 16


Hail, Child of Joy, come in the midst

      A sinful world to bless

Through Thee the sinner may receive

      A robe of righteousness


Of women’s seed the promise came

      Though through Eve came the fall

And highly favoured of the Lord

      Was Mary among all


'Twas in the manger where they laid

      The Saviour, Jesus Christ

With God throughout His ministry

      A never-broken tryst


Oh, wondrous gift, Thou God of Love

      Thine only Son to give

Uplifted was the Spotless Lamb

      For man to look and live


He, on the third day rose again

      Triumphant o’er the tomb

From Cross to Crown - now glorified

      That hour to Him has come.


Jan 18 16

Jan 18, 16


Strength of mind and heart and will

Jesus Christ in me fulfil

All Thy purposes of grace

Let me see Thy wondrous face

Thou Who once was crucified

Who for me has bled and died.


Let me lean upon Thy breast

In Thy Holy presence rest

Teach me daily how to live

Help me always to forgive

More of Thy wondrous love to know

And in Thy holy grace to grow


In the sinners heart begin

Conquering the power of sin

Smite the fetters which would bind

Cast out demons – every kind

Glory, praise, eternally

To the Holy Trinity

Three in One and One in Three

Honour, praise and glory be

Given to Thee eternally.


Jan 24th 1916

JAN. 24th? 1916

Perplexed and tried - oft turned aside;

    By Satan sorely pressed

The cares of life – the anxious strife

    And with the mind distressed

        Jesus remains the Same


When in deep grief we find no relief

    With nothing the heart to cheer

Walking along, without a song

    And faith gives place to fear

        Jesus remains the Same


Trust in the Lord – believe His Word

    He never will forsake

Walk in the light – by faith not sight

        Jesus remains the Same


The years roll on – fast sinks the sun

    Of life’s resplendent morn

But watch and pray, the golden day

    Upon our souls will dawn

        Jesus remains the Same


Jan 25th 1916

Jan 25th 1916

The Name of Jesus


Exalt the Name of Jesus – go tell it ev’rywhere

The sinners Friend is Jesus, they may His victory share

The sweetest Name is Jesus – none greater is there known

And to His Name the angels, give praise around the throne.


Exalt the Name of Jesus, and never be afraid

When Satan comes to tempt you – Jesus the ransom paid

For in the Name of Jesus a sure defence have you

And in the fight for Jesus that Name alone will do.


Exalt the Name of Jesus, and use it as a sword

The greatest Name is Jesus – He is the risen Lord.

Go in the strength of Jesus – be not a trembling soul

Keep looking unto Jesus – on Him your fears roll.


Sept 6th Peace in war

Sept 6th Peace in time of War


Thou Prince of Peace Thou Rightful Heir

    To every human heart

In righteousness the nations rule   

    Bid war and strife depart.


June 20th 1916

June 20th 1916


Go on in grace, go on in love

Go on – attain the heights above

The Heavenly Places now your home

The Wilderness no longer roam.


Would hindrances your course impede

He lives; He lives to intercede

Be still and know that I am God

Who can resist you – onward plod.


Go on in knowledge, wisdom too

The gifts and graces brought to you

Go on in humbleness of mind

Be faithful, loving, gentle, kind.


Go on to know the Father, Son

The Holy Spirit – three in One

Beloved saints how blessed are we

Joined to the Holy Trinity.


Sept 21st 1916

Sept 21st 1916

(Early hours of Thursday morning)


Show me Thy face Lord Jesus, one sight would be enough

To quicken every footstep, just where the path is rough

To hear Thy voice, Lord Jesus, say what must I do next

I answer every question when I am most perplexed.


To know Thy will, Lord Jesus, for me life’s journey through

To do, not only know it, nor deem it hard to do.

Enable me, Lord Jesus, according to Thy Word

In every look and action, acknowledge Thee as Lord.


To see, to hear, to know Thee, continually to pray

More fully to possess Thee – the Life, the Truth, the Way.

To dwell with Thee Lord Jesus – Thy wondrous face to see,

Beholding all Thy glory for all eternity.


Nov 13th 1926

Nov. 13th 1926



How deep unfathomed yet O Lord

    Thy love to sinful man

The heighth, the length, the breadth may we

    This mighty ocean span


Thy precious love we know in part

    But shall know perfectly

Thy Holy Spirit giveth light

    And love progressively


We live by love, Thy love alone

    This precious grace unseal

May we oft fellowship with Thee

    Thyself to us reveal.


Thou hast redeemed us by Thy grace

    Whilst in our fallen state

Our hope of immortality

    Thy coming we await

Lead us in Thy love our Light

    Best Spirit Heavenly Dove

O’ershadow us until we reach

    Jerusalem above.


The Second Coming



How great the glory God has given

To saints who have in Jesus risen

    No more to die!

Caught up to be with Christ the Lord

Triumphant through the Living Word

    They reign on high


No heart can possibly conceive

The bliss which they will then receive


Yet by the Spirit they are shown

The truth in part but in the Throne

    Shall know fully.


This blessed hope they now await

Of coming to Immortal State

    In ecstasy

God’s nature which they have received

Shall then be manifest indeed



The life in Adam they forsake

And clothing of the Spirit take

    Of righteousness

Of these the Christ is not ashamed

The Holy One, and by Him named

    In holiness


Our Lord Who died on Calvary

The travail of His soul shall see

    Quite satisfied

The saints enthroned with Him shall reign

God’s image lost be once again



Composed on

Dec. 19th 25





The sun will never set in Summerland;

No eyes with tears are wet in Summerland;

No shade of dark’ning night

Will shut the view from sight

Nor e’er becloud the light, in Summerland.


No one will lose the way in Summerland;

Nor ever go astray in Summerland;

No mountain hard to climb,

Yet all is grand, sublime,

With endless summer-clime, in Summerland.


No death is ever known in Summerland;

For life is on the throne in Summerland;

No mourning for the dead,

No heavy hearts like lead,

But endless joy instead in, Summerland.


What are these arrayed


Composed Nov. 15th 26 after conflict

See the mighty heavenly throng

Singing the triumphant song

They have come through trials sore

The Lamb of God they now adore

Through the darkness of the night

They have come with robes washed white


How they love the Lamb of God

In His footsteps they have trod

By the Word, and Jesu’s blood

They have Satan’s power withstood

Great tribulation they came through

By their testimony true.


Happy, glorified they are

Worthy of the Morning Star

With the Lamb they are at rest

In His righteousness are blest

They have fought a noble fight

Dwelling in eternal light.


God Incarnate


Composed on Nov. 29th 25 after

a season of worship & prayer


God Incarnate – marvellous thing

Angels and men in triumph sing

His glory which has been concealed

To mortal man is now revealed


In flesh God’s Son was manifest

Both sin and Satan to contest

O’er the Tempter Adam failed

But Jesus Christ our Lord prevailed


‘Twas sin that brought the curse on all

Mankind is ruined by the Fall

Jesus the sin of man abhorred

And died that He should be restored


Adam’s race through sin now defiled

By Jesus Christ is reconciled

Though lost to God in sinful state

His nature can appropriate


Man of Sorrows, ah! Worthy Name

What condescension, suffering, shame

The Christ of God in Saviourhood

A victim and a victor stood.


God’s promise and redeeming plan

He has in love revealed to man

His covenant He will not break

A new creation He will make.


The Lord is King


Composed on Feb. 6th 1915


The Lord is King, O praise His Holy Name

The Lord is King, every day the same

    Praise His Name, O praise His Name

    Praise him, praise Him, praise His Name


Praise His Name, my soul is filled with praise

Praise His Name, loud hallelujahs raise

    Praise His Name, O praise His Name

    Praise him, praise Him, praise His Name


Praise His Name, rejoice the Lord is King

Praise His Name, your heart’s glad tribute bring

    Praise His Name, O praise His Name

    Praise him, praise Him, praise His Name


God is Love


Composed Sept. 3rd 1926


God is Love by Name and nature

    Sinners lost in Him may dwell

This stupendous revelation

    Is in Christ, to mortals tell


God is Love, ‘tis love that covers

    All the stains that sin has made

By the sacrifice of Jesus

    Was the debt of sinners paid


God is Love, His life imparting

    Unto all who come Love’s way

Sin confessing, sin forsaking

    Cleansed by blood and put away


God is Love and those who loveth

    His dear Son, in love shall be

With the Father with the Spirit

    Yea with Holy Trinity

    (Three in One and One in Three)


God is Love the lost creation

    By the blood of Christ is bought

And through love a new creation

    In the Christ is being wrought


God is Love Himself revealing

    In the Christ – as potentate

Yet humility unveiling

    Came in flesh – God Incarnate


Or as this:

God is Love Himself revealing

    In the Christ – God Incarnate

Great humility unveiling

    Of the Lord God – potentate


The Precious Word of God


Composed Dec. 12th 1925

(whilst in trial of faith – one of the children ill)


How rich and pure the Word of God

    In essence ‘tis God’s grace

And in the lives of all His saints

    It has the choicest place.


O taste and see how good it is

    This manna from above

And this who eat, yea, only they

    Know something of God’s love.


Eternal life its Holy Fruit

    This Tree in Eden grown

The seeds of which the Holy Ghost

    In human hearts have sown.


The fruit of righteousness it yields

    In graces does abound

It maketh manifest God’s life

    When sown in fertile ground.


The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

    These three with one accord

To bring man from his lost estate

    Send forth the quickening word.


Christ the fountain of grace


Composed Nov. 13th 1926


There is a stream of grace divine

Eternal treasure which is mine

‘Tis in the Christ of God Who came

In human form not seeking fame

Who came the life of God to give

That man may in God’s nature live


What blessing in this Fountain pure

The leprosy of sin to cure

To sanctify, create anew

Which man himself could never do

The blood of Christ cleanses from sin

The Word of God is light within


It ever flows to meet the need

Of sinful man, by God decreed

God’s gift to us of righteousness

The Fountain of His holiness

That God through Christ may have the praise

Who is and was Ancient of Days

(or) Acknowledge Him in all our ways


Thou Christ Divine Thou Holy One

Immanuel, God’s only Son

The Holy Trinity we see

Wholly personified in Thee

May we Thy promises believe

That we Thy nature may receive


Gods Lamb


Composed Nov. 13th 1926


God’s Lamb was on the Altar laid

The debt of sin has now been paid

A Substitute, a Sacrifice

Jesu’s own blood, redemption’s price


Condemned He stood in Pilate’s Hall

The Saviour, crucified for all

Now sinners may be justified

As justice has been satisfied


Look yonder to the curséd tree

Thy Saviour bound to set thee free

His wounds for ever strongly plead

Thy pardon, and to God they lead


Peace through the blood from God obtain

Be reconciled and born again

Of this He will your heart assure

If you will come through Christ the Door.


Confess your sins, be not ashamed

You are a sinner by Him named

The Book of Life will then record

Eternal Life as your reward.


The Lordship of Christ


Composed Nov. 16, 1926


O Lord Thou art exalted now, the

    King of kings Thy Name

Thy Sovereign Rulership o’er all Thy

    heralds do proclaim

Worthy to come, none else was found to

    take the sinners place

Thou Who created, didst redeem mankind

    by Thine Own grace


What condescension Thou hast shown to

    leave Thy Father’s Throne

To be with sin identified, the love of God

    make known.

That Thou shouldst take the sinners place

    Who sinned not nor reviled

And take upon Thyself mans’ sin, man to be



Thou Saviour, Priest, and Lord of Light, the

    Light of man to be

Shall man discard Thy worthiness to rule


Thou Who hast conquered sin and death

    Whose precious blood was shed

Shall we Thy creatures Thee disown, now

    risen from the dead.


Thy love is manifest to all, vile creatures

    lost to win.

And bring to God in pure estate, redeeming

    us from sin

To Thee the Lamb of God once slain, shall

    nations, kindreds, tongues

Bring worship, honour, praise and love, to

    Whom all praise belongs.


Give honour to the Lamb


Composed Nov. 17 and 19th 1926


Give honour to the Lamb thy praises to Him bring

Who is the Lord of life, Who is both Priest and King

Come worship at His Feet, His Holy Name to bless

And follow Him the Light in paths of righteousness


Give honour to the Lamb in Him God’s Love concealed

But in the flesh He came that it should be revealed

To suffer and to die into the world He came

His messengers are sent the Gospel to proclaim.


Give honour to the Lamb, sin’s wounds by Him are healed

For His own blood was shed, His worthiness is sealed

The crown of thorns He wore, the path of death He trod

And by His victory has brought us back to God.


Give honour to the Lamb, Who now is on the Throne

As Saviour and as Judge, His Lordship all must own

No longer now is hid the mystery from man

For He the knowledge gives, or God’s redemptive plan.

                       (gospel brought)


Give honour to the Lamb, ye nations, kindreds, all

Salvation now receive, obey the gospel call

The good news of His grace, your fetters to release

Pardon and peace to give, from Christ the Prince of Peace.


The Wisdom of God in Redemption



What wisdom, Lord, Thou hast displayed

    In Thy redemption plan!

The wonders of Thy love and grace

    Who can this ocean span?


That Thou the evil should create

    And all the darkness form

To make the clouds Thy chariot

    And ride upon the storm


That they subservient should be

    Unto Thy perfect will,

To speak and make the storm to cease,

    The raging winds to still.


Thus teaching man, who has transgressed

    That Thou alone dost reign

And will, and love and grace restore

    Thine image once again.


Man lost to Thee in sin and death,

    By nature separate,

The evil Thou Thyself subdued

    And dost regenerate.


Composed Nov. 19 + 27th 1926


The Influence and work of Holy Spiritt



Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Guide

    Diffuse Thy Holy Light

Come to us, the truth reveal

    Jesus, the Infinite


Thou who bringest light of God

    We will at Thy behest

Walk by faith in light received

    Unto Eternal Rest.


Thou the Blessed Comforter

    ‘Neath Thy panoply

We from evil shall be kept

    In Thy purity


Shed abroad the love of God

    Until we are aflame

Then shall rise our gratitude

(Then shall we respond in praise)

    To the Saviour’s Name


Thou the Loving Supreme Guest

    Thy temples enter in.

God’s own nature to impart

    Destroying inbred sin.


Composed Nov. 27th 1926


* Thou hast come all gifts to bring

    Tongues to worship Thee

Faith and miracles of grace

    Healing, prophecy.


* This verse may come in for another hymn.


Buried with Christ in baptism



Come follow thy Saviour Jesus Christ

    For thee He was crucified

Go through the waters, obey His voice

    Thy King, thy Pattern and Guide


He has redeemed you with His own blood

    Ye are no longer your own

Take up thy cross, be dead unto sin

    This is the way to the throne


He that believeth and is baptised

    Shall his salvation receive

This is the gospel, those who obey

    Are those who truly believe


Buried with him in waters of death

    To put off the nature of sin

To make manifest the life of Christ

    By His Spirit which dwells within


We are the members, the Church beloved

    Now risen from the dead

Immersed in the waters of baptism

    Joined unto Christ the Head.


Composed Nov. 28.26.


I will bless the Lord at all times


Composed Nov. 9th 26.


I will bless Thee, O Lord, for Thy love and Thy life

I will bless Thee for victory in conflict and strife

I will bless Thee for grace which Thou givest Thine own

I will bless Thee for light which is shed from Thy throne


I will bless Thee, O Lord, for the cross Thou endured

I will bless Thee for pardon Thy blood has secured

I will bless Thee for peace Thou hast given to me

I will bless Thee for joy, my soul in victory


I will bless Thee, O Lord, Thou art gracious and kind

I will bless Thee, Thou camest the lost sheep to find

I will bless Thee my night is now turned into day

I will bless Thee Thy mercy shall follow me always


Jesus All in all



Jesus has conquered, though was crucified

He Who was humbled is now glorified

Jesus our Saviour, risen from the grave

Unto the uttermost able to save


Jesus has loved us, and loosed us from sin

All who believe may the victory win

Not for the righteous but for sinners lost

He came, the Victor, vanquished Satan’s host


Jesus our Great High Priest, now intercedes

His blood is our peace and our pardon pleads

There at the throne of grace waiting to bless

Covering the sinner with His righteousness


Jesus our Lord and King, coming again

His saints, the kings and priests, with Him to reign

They shall His glory bear, dwelling in love

In New Jerusalem, Eden above


Composed Nov. 28, 26.


How excellent is Thy Name




How excellent is Thy Name O Lord

    In all the earth its praise

Thousands of thousands now redeemed

    Loud hallelujahs raise


Thy Name as ointment is poured forth

    A remedy for sin

The evil in our nature dies

    When Thou dost dwell within


The Shepherd (Good Samaritan)

    This Name Thou didst reveal

Who came to sinners stricken down

    Thy creatures wounds to heal


Thy Name a banner has become

    And mighty as Thy Hand

Jehovah-nissi is a shield

    Which no foe can withstand


The Name which conquers sin and death

    O’er all exalted high

Which brought salvation to mankind

    And makes the demons fly


We praise Thy Name, Lord Jesus Christ

    A righteous robe we wear

Since by Thy blood now justified

    Its virtues to declare


Composed Nov. 28th 26


Into the Holiest



Way into the holiest, Thou, Lord Jesus Christ

Adam’s race is called from the broken tryst

Unto God the Father by Thy precious blood

To receive forgiveness through Thy Saviourhood.


Thou the Living Waters, Fountain of God’s grace

All-Sufficient Saviour for a sinful race

Nothing now to hinder from Salvation’s well

Barriers all broken, sin and death and Hell


Now by faith we enter, without fear or dread;

Thou the Mighty Saviour, risen from the dead.

Interceding for us by Thy righteousness,

Shed Thy blood, a ransom, for our happiness.


We, with joy, may worship, in humility,

Thou who art so holy, clothed with majesty.

Unto Thee for ever, we our praise shall bring,

Thou our only Saviour, Prophet, Priest and King.


Composed after precious

Fellowship with the Lord, Dec. 1.1926


Ive read my title clear


Nov. 18th 1932

5 o’clock a.m.


I’ve read my title clear

    No mists at all arise

Christ’s Name is far too dear

    This all to me supplies.


But what the Title then,

    To which I do refer

Why, surely it is Heaven

    I know I shall go there.


For Christ from Heaven came

    Though His own blood it cost

A Sacrifice became

    He has redeemed the lost


What now can stand between

    To Go I am made nigh

To Calvary Christ has been

    Who can my hope deny?


A pardon I’ve obtained

    And peace within my heart

In this there is contained

    The evidence in part.


But is this all to seal

    The certainty of this?

He nothing will conceal

    Of all the promised bliss


What is there then beside

    This hope so sure within

Of God’s eternity

    And freedom from all sin


Why, there is righteousness

    By death, which Jesus gave

A Glorious Heavenly Dress

    For all He came to save


Gods Sovereignty


Sun. Nov. 20th 1932

4.30 a.m.


No speculation here must we continue to make of God

To Him belongs all men and things – He holds the ruling rod.

Who doubts but what the Lord Who made the earth with all its store

Can, unto all, supply the needs – ah! this, and even more!


This, then, is providence, of which the people make conjecture

Concerning Him Who rules above; concerning all their future.

Within the bounds of reason, God by man cannot be known.

This light is His pre-rogative, Who reigns upon the throne.


He wills and works and who can stay the Hand which is Divine

His skill and wisdom who can search so fathomless a mine?

Behind creation He doth move within and all around

No matter what we see and touch something of God is found.


But how much more, to saints who hold the Name of God in fear

Does He reveal Omnipotence in all that does appear

They see upon the flowers of earth, upon the stars that shine

Inanimate or animate, Life with His Secret Sign.


This sign is written by His Hand though none can see and read

Creation is a mystery, the light of which we need.

This light from God men still refuse, and Science they prefer

Without God’s Spirit, Who alone, is God’s Interpreter.


The Blessings of Redemption


Dec.7th 32

(Early hours – completed later in day)


What blessings the human race, from God Himself has come

The preciousness of Grace in Christ, is given to all, not some!

Though some despise, yet all may have since Christ has died for all

For Satan’s head is crushed and bruised, as promised by the fall.


The curse our Savour has removed, on Him our sin was laid

His love for man, His blood has sealed, Redemption’s price He paid

Where darkness reigns His light is shed and souls from bondage come

Out from the prison house of sin, unto their Father’s home.


He lives Who died, and now is set at God’s Right Hand above;

And there, for sinners, intercedes, the very Lord of Love.

His blood so efficacious speaks before the throne of light

He clothes the contrite sinner, too, with linen, clean and white.


With this, the righteous robe, he too, enters the Holy Place,

And there in sweet communion, worships the God of Grace.

With food convenient he is fed, the heavenly meat and wine

From thence goes forth with quickened love, girded with strength Divine.


Dec 14th 1932

Dec. 14th 1932 (4 a.m.)


O Light of God, to men in sin, Who suffered on the Tree,

How great Thy Name, Emmanuel, how great Thy Deity!

Both Human and Divine combined, from death to life to bring

The whole of lost humanity, redeeming from Death’s sting.


How great the Fall to separate the Chief of Thy delight

Of all creation, Adam was most precious in Thy sight!

Yea, great the Fall, and great the Curse, but greater still Thy love

To give Thy Son, man to redeem, the Holy Heavenly Dove.


Gods Unspeakable Gift

Jan 3rd 1933 “God’s Unspeakable Gift”


The Gift of God, who can explain, the grace that came to man:

When Christ was born at Bethlehem, truly no mortal can!

The Godhead with the human joined the Greatest Mystery,

To lift a lost and ruined race, combined the Trinity!


They with one purpose all agreed, that this great Act be done

To reconciliate the world, from Heaven to send the Son

Who should be born and Who should die, and thus propitiate-,

A Sacrifice to move all guilt, to save, to recreate.


An image new to give to man, a life which has no sin,

A life of holiness and joy – ‘A Paradise within:’

The fruit of which in Christ appear the Spirit from above

To dwell in all the sons of God – the fruit of which is love.


What glory then as well as grace, God’s gift to man bestows

What beauty in the Corn of Wheat that in God’s garden grows!

For in the Garden of God’s grace e’en in this world appeared

The Firstfruit which by God Himself, above all sin was reared.


Should we not praise God for this work, which here on earth we see

And marvel that in Christ we are the sons of God to be

Made manifest whilst in this world and then before Thy Throne

Divested from our sinnership to know as we are known


Nor shall the angels who with joy do now sing forth His praise

Be able with the arms of men this song of love to raise

Of God’s redeeming grace and power to them in lost estate

From sin and death their souls to save, by Sacrifice so Great.


It is for us then, to employ our time and talents, too

For Christ has given Himself, His all Redemption’s work to do

He purchased us His own to be, that we God’s will shall know

And serve, and worship Him alone, whilst here on earth below.


Composed Wednesday Jan 4th

Composed Wednesday Jan 4th 1933 after

Meditation on the sufferings of God’s children in this world


Amidst the tumults of this life, its storms, its darknesses

There is a calm, a glorious light, which knows no restlessness

It is from God, it is by grace, it comes to those who trust

‘Tis given as an anchorage, by faith unto the just!


Their peace is sure; their peace is deep; ‘tis fortified by love –

The strongest guard, that nought can break, beneath them and above.

For what is greater than God’s love, or stronger than His Arm?

He rules the raging of the sea – He speaks and there is calm!


No cloud, nor sorrow, sin or pain, can break His promise given

Through Christ His Son, by seal of blood, who’s Hands by nails were riven

He holds the keys of Death and Hell since Satan He hath bound

And saints, midst all the restlessness, a resting place hath found.


A place, which is a sweet repose until earth’s conflicts cease

Within the Cleft of Christ the Rock of Refuge and Release

From sin and Satan and the world the enemies to grace

Until in Christ’s Own Image formed, until they see His Face.


Composed February 1st 1933

Composed February 1st 1933


We take the blame not Thee, O Christ, for we have sinned and Thou hast not

The cross was Thine, our nature too, our sin and name – the darkest blot.

The debt is ours – the debt we owe, acknowledge we our guilt and shame

Thy love has cleared; Thy love has saved, homage is due to Thy blest Name


Undone we are, undone we were, for Adam failed – his sin we share.

No merits we, Thy grace alone – the crown of thorns which Thou didst wear.


‘Tis what Thou art, not what we are

    That gives us place before Thy Throne

What Thou hast given we do accept

    A Righteousness Thy very own.


Sinners we are; the blame is ours; and from sin’s sting was no respite

Till Thou didst come; till Thou didst die the grievous wrong was not put right

We must confess, we must submit, to grace and love that healed our sore

To Thee, blest Christ; Thy sacrifice, to Thee for Heaven’s Open Door.


Composed February 9th 1933

Composed February 9th 1933

(whilst in a tight corner circumstantially)



Tight corners come to most of folk, but this we know who dare

Enter in the life of faith are sure to have their share

They come, but oh! to meet them, nay, Who can this mystery solve

Tis not by hook or crook, or brains, this does God’s grace involve.


For God Himself doth play a part in all affairs of men.

Nor will the children of His care be left in Satan’s den.

No trap, nor snare, device or plot that could originate

By Lucifer, the Skilled Arch-fiend, can foil God’s Potentate!


What must we do then when these things do aggravate us so

When all is black adversity and waves of trouble flow?

What can we do when we’ve done all to make the way more bright

And stood the tests courageously when in the fiercest fight?


There is one answer – one alone – this answer must suffice

God still is Sovereign, and He calls to greatest sacrifice!

The fact that He once gave His Son to die upon the Cross

That we might gain what was indeed to Him the Greatest Loss.


The proof sufficient that He cares and knows our deepest need

Shall not the God Who made the world His children clothe and feed?

This is the lesson then to learn, for children of His grace

That in the tightest corner test – there we may see His Face.


The Tight Corner Test


Feb. 9. 1933



The tightest corner of my life was when outside of grace

It dawned upon me that I must the God of Judgment face

Nor could I see how I could clear myself of all the guilt

That stood against me, though I knew Christ’s precious blood was spilt.


Therefore did I with terror think of that Great Judgement Day

When God should prove and punish sin and cast my soul away

E’en to that place which is called Hell, where evil is aflame

Where Satan and his angels are – and all who bear his name.


The awfulness of such a state I surely did believe

Would be my lot should I persist the God of Love to grieve;

There thoughts, I say, would come and go, of dark Eternity

Nor could I drive these thoughts away – ‘twas God Who cornered me.


And face to face with God I wailed, that I a sinner stood

Not knowing that He reconciled with Jesu’s precious blood.

‘Twas then I saw Him with a frown with hand outstretched to smite

No mercy could I see as yet – I wished to take my flight


To realms unknown, where God was not, where God invisible

No longer thus would trouble me, and be as terrible!

But then, thought I, where is the place that God cannot be found

For this great universe is His – ‘tis His created ground.


So reason failed to give relief, and satisfy desire

To be forever free from God – my soul was in the mire

And rest, I could not, rest had fled, it now became a fight

With God and self for mastery; with darkness and with light.


Conviction God Himself had given of sin, of death, of Hell;

Satan himself tormented me of this I knew quite well

Then did I feel my need of grace, and of God’s Spirit too

In such a dark and dreadful state I knew not what to do.


And from my heart a sign and prayer burst forth with anguish deep

That God would hasten to forgive and me from judgement keep

Nor was the sigh and prayer unheard, for God’s assurance came,

Which brought the peace into my soul, and now I praise His Name!


Christ rejected by men

Composed Feb 10th 1933



He stands rejected, He Who made the world and all therein

The Lord of all the Least became – and that because of sin.

A Servant, yea a Sacrifice, the Lowest of the low

To reach and bless, to shed His light, salvation to bestow.


But why should He rejected be, Who has the sovereign right

To turn again man to the dust – will man the Saviour fight?

And yet He dares in face of this Christ’s holy Name to mar,

He chooses death instead of life – nor fears the Judgement Bar!


All hail! Thou Blest Anointed One, Who suffers all the shame

And ignominy of the cross, to glorify Thy Name.

Who suffered men to buffet Thee, to spit upon Thy Face;

All this Thou didst in love to man, revealing matchless grace.


Why didst Thou die? Why didst Thou bear the sin which was not Thine?

Why didst Thou come as Man, though God, Thy nature to assign?

And suffer at the creatures hands Whose hands the creature made,

Indebted also man to Thee, yet Thou his debt has paid!


This fact of all beyond our ken, to bear a love like this:

To fight and conquer hatred, death – the Prodigal to kiss

To woo and win what Thou hadst lost, when man by sin didst stray,

And bring the Fallen Adam Race back to Eternal Day.


Surely the wrath of man shall praise the God whom he denied

His hands shall seal the Sacrifice – the Saviour crucified.

Though he disowned the ownership, which Christ Himself doth claim,

Yet he shall kneel to honour Him, his tongue shall praise His Name.


The Sparrow


MAR. 2nd 1933


The Sparrow, on the housetop see,

A common bird of birds to be;

Intended, by our God, to teach

That we are all within His reach

    And loving tender care.


For of such, He has said (though small)

That He doth see them when they fall.

If God, such notice of them take

Much less would He His child forsake

    Or unprotected leave.


By some the sparrow, sure hath been

Despised, and looked upon as mean.

This may be so but God hath sealed

Provision for them, and revealed

    The Truth of His love to man.


He loves the creatures He has made:

With beauty each and all arrayed;

They speak to man to praise his God

For praise is silent ‘neath the sod –

    On earth they sing His praise.


No barn or storehouse do they own,

But God, who feeds them, He hath shown

That they all trust Him day to day

To give them food whilst they shall stay

    By their songs they give thanks.


A Prayer


MAR. 14 1933


O Lord,

Help me to see Thy will to-day,

And willing be to go Thy way;

Thy way unknown, but which to prove

The way of grace, the way of love.

Unto Thy child

Now reconciled.


O Lord,

My Lord Thou art, my Saviour Friend,

Thyself impart, the Way, the End;

The Alpha, Omega, the Christ,

In Thee there is no broken tryst

The Very Deity



O Lord,

Thy Name to spell, Thy Name to know

And others tell, and others show

The truth of Thy blest Cross

Thy suffering, anguish loss

Thy holy blood

Thy Saviourhood


O Lord,

In Sinful Dress Thou didst appear,

Thy Righteousness for us to wear.

Our nature, guilt, identified

At Calvary, as Adam died

Thy life to give

That we might live.


The Wisdom of Gods Salvation


Composed Dec. 18th 1933


By richer far, if all be loss, if earthly loss it be,

Than lose the riches of God’s Gift for all eternity!

The Greatest Gift of Christ to men, the Gift which came by grace,

Is more despised than valued by a fallen, sinful race.


What blindness, ignorance and doubt, to keep men from God’s Best

From things Divine, from righteousness, and from Eternal Rest!

This need not be whilst light is shed from God the Father’s Throne

And from the Cross of Calvary by which His love is known.


How slow man is not to perceive the value of his soul,

And what salvation really is – Eternal Life its goal!

And what it cost for Christ to come to die upon the cross.

He gave up all for man to gain, and not to suffer loss.


What shall man give, or what exchange, for that which God created

For if he gain the whole world, and not be reinstated

Through Christ’s atoning sacrifice, to grace and life Divine,

He will indeed the loser be, to Death his soul assign.


To mortal man then, this the word that God sends by His Son

Repent, believe the Gospel now, and put your feet upon

A firm foundation, not on sand, for wisdom doth provide;

The Heavenly Gates, by Christ Himself, through Death was opened wide.


We reap what we sow


Composed Dec. 12th 1933


We reap whate’er we sow in life,

Be it in love, in peace, or strife!

Truly, we reap whate’er we sow,

And what we sow is sure to grow;

‘Tis like the wages that we earn

For work we do – a sure return!

And what we gain is truly loss

If we ignore the Saviour’s cross

Who died that He our lives should claim

And we by grace honour His Name.




“Life’s little day:

What did you say,

Flitter away?


Life’s purpose shorn,

Your soul forlorn?

Nay, Nay, just pause

And think – because

    Of issues great


Why do you stray

from God’s pure way

And never pray

    For light to come


Feb 21 35

Feb. 21. 35.


The Light of God from Heaven shone

    For Jesus came to bless

Amongst the sons of men were none

    With perfect righteousness


He came to save from sin and shame

    He came to give us peace

And that’s the meaning of His Name

    Sin’s bondage to release


The captives are by Him set free

    From darkness they are brought

The Eternal Word, our God’s decree

    In human hearts hath wrought


Their natures changed their lives renewed

    By grace, by love Divine

With power for service are endued

    These, He hath said, are Mine


They shall His glorious Name exalt

    In South, West, East and North!

On earth they are the light, the salt,

    They shall His praise set forth


Who shall these witnesses disclaim,

    Who can their word defy

They bear upon them Jesus’ Name,

    A Name none can defy


The Church of such, by Him composed

    The Church, His Body, pure

In Him their trust and faith reposed

    The faith which shall endure


For time will not erase His Name

    Nor yet His Church destroy

Instead, His power, it shall proclaim

    And manifest its joy


Feb 21 35 2

Feb 21, 35 (2)


Behold your Guiding Star – the Christ

Reminding you of broken tryst

    When Adam failed

‘Twas in the garden light serene

When sin and Satan came between

    And Death assailed!


The Victories and Virtues

The Victories and Virtues of Christ to Fallen Man.

Sept 15th, 1927


O Lord Jehovah who can stand before Thy awful Throne

And not acknowledge there Thy grace a sinful race to own;

That Thou the Lord of Life declared Thyself a Man to be

And thus identified with sin, from sin to set man free.


Our Representative Thou art, this Thy redemptive right

Who loved and loosed us by Thy blood and brought us into light

As Saviour freeing from all sin, as Priest to make us nigh

We are most blessed with Thee to sit, in spheres of grace so high


We must Thy Holy Name adore, we must Thy Love confess

Who for our pardon didst prevail; become our Righteousness

In Thee a surety we have, eternal light the seal

God’s faithful Covenant of love, Thou camest to reveal


To bless us Thou didst come between the Serpent’s deadly blow,

And take the curse upon Thyself, the evil powers to show

That Thou Thyself art Sovereign Lord; that man Thou didst create

To bear Thine image and Thy life, e’en from a fallen state


All praise, Most Glorious Saviour Lord, shall all creation bring

For Thine Own glory man was made, and ev’ry living thing

And Thou art worthy, Lamb of God, for Thou didst condescend

To come in flesh, the Cross to bear, the veil of death to rend.


Booklet of Poems

The Booklet

That is all the poems written in the book; however there are two inserts. The first is this booklet, which although it has a printed cover, the text inside appears to be typewritten.


I assume it was typed onto a stencil and printed on a Gestetner Duplicating Machine, which was the only way to produce printed material at the time, other than by using a printing firm to do it from a type-set printing press.

So here are the poems:

Poem booklet.jpg
Gods Grace Toward Mankind



God’s Grace toward Mankind in Redemption.


How deep God’s love – Redemption’s plan –

That Christ should come, the Son of Man!

What skilfulness and wisdom too,

Sin’s tightest knots He must undo.

God’s only Son He must be bound;

The Substitute for sin is found –

The Sin-Bearer, the Sacrifice –

God’s justice, too, this would suffice.

Yes, this is true, He was made sin,

Gethsemane He entered in,

And there to fight the fight for man:

Give me the reason, if you can,

Why He should die that man should live,

His precious blood for sin to give –

A costly price for sin to pay:

This debt man cannot wipe away.


But man has sinned and he must die,

Helpless, undone, he now must cry

For mercy in God’s providence –

In God he must have confidence

That yet, life’s-door would open wide,

The Door of Grace – Christ crucified.


This was the promise Adam had,

A Seed should come to make him glad –

The Saviour, Who his wounds would heal,

God’s love and nature to reveal;

He would men’s darkness turn to day,

He would Himself put sin away

And bear the shame of Adam’s race,

For sin God’s image did deface.

It could not be that God should think

So lightly of man’s sin and wink

At what the consequence would be

For time and for eternity!


Nay, nay, He must and surely did

Check, by His grace, Lucifer’s bid

To man, of knowledge, evil, good

And blessed him with the Saviourhood

Of Christ, that He should ever be

In likeness of the Deity.


Satan hath long this truth withstood,

He never would do sinners good.


What! Satan who hath brought the Fall

Of Adam and his children, all?

He who, himself, the Name of Sin,

Doubtless doth own and by it win

Man for himself a slave to be –

Adam, son of Eternity!

It is not like his nature, for

He God’s creation doth abhor.


He would not lift his hand to bless

Who challenges God’s righteousness,

Who wants himself to be the God

He who placed mankind ‘neath the sod!

Death is his name, his only will,

His work, his object to fulfil:

For this he lives his deadly life,

Distributing darkness and strife;

Robbing the world that God hath made

To put God’s glory in the shade.


But this we know is not for long,

Satan cannot evil prolong.

For God Himself has set a time

And then, all worlds will be sublime –

When he subdues the power so great

Of Satan and man’s lost estate –

Then shall the Serpent own defeat,

He has forever lost his seat

In God’s own purpose – Eden now

Has none who to this fiend will bow

For Christ’s own Sceptre must have sway –

Satan turned out, in Hell to stay,

No more God’s love and will to fight,

No longer dim the heavenly light

From God and from His Holy Throne

Defeat forever he must own.


This story I could much prolong

Of Adam’s sin, of Adam’s wrong:

A wrong which only Christ could right,

A sin which only Christ could fight

And He did both for man and God,

Man to deliver from earth’s sod,

And God the Father to delight

By giving man, so blind, his sight;

Yea, Adam hurt himself more than

He hurt his God, Who loved His man.

But, what great joy that God restores

Fellowship sweet and so implores

Mankind to come for power and grace

To overcome what brings disgrace,

And that which is disastrous too,

Through God’s own Word – a nature new!

‘Tis only by the new birth, man

Will all the sinful pleasures ban:

The pleasures which have caused his pain,

In which, also, there is no gain.

Belonging unto sin is strife,

God counts that gain wherein is LIFE;

E’en righteousness and holiness,

In which is grace and loveliness,

Yea, Godliness, in which is all

That man possessed before the Fall.



Composed by

Clarence Bentley.


My servant Job

“My servant Job”




This is a book of mysteries

  And may we with delight

Scan all its pages eagerly,

  And pray to God for light.

To those who seek, He will unfold,

  The truth so valuable,

Thus giving to them, for reward,

  Riches unsearchable.

These riches money cannot buy,

  Silver nor gold can gain,

God’s prophets to us prophesy

  This knowledge comes through pain.

To keep the Word: not only hear,

  Then shall the Lord direct,

Our feet in paths of righteousness,

His work of grace perfect.

He leads in paths unknown to man,

  And with unerring skill,

Doth keep him in afflictions great,

  To work His sovereign will.

Job does ascribe the praise to God,

  The creatures small and great;

He does the fall to us unfold,

  The consequence of sin;

Human depravity describes,

  The evil heart within;

And many other truths we find,

  Redemption, God’s great plan,

Through Christ, His Son, Eternal love,

  Is thus revealed to man.

Creation, Fall, Redemption, too,

  Man’s salvation vital,

Come within the book of Job,

  All are most essential!





  “Then Job answered the Lord and said,

Doth Job serve God for nought?” Job.1.9.

  “Doth Job serve God for nought?” This

Remark and question discloses the

antagonistic purposes of Satan concerning

the claims of Jehovah upon human life and

its affairs. The following poem of

this extraordinary and beautiful

narrative in the book of Job is composed

and designed to show forth the

Sovereignty of the Lord Jehovah.


God on the throne, invisible,

Almighty, Holy Terrible!

His right of sway is here denied

But, when by love to man allied,

Can Satan take man from His grasp?

Can Satan God’s love-tie unclasp?

We must acknowledge then His right

Though Satan still God’s claims will fight.

We must the Word of God uphold,

Though trials come a thousand-fold.

For God is Just, yea Faithful He,

Unto His own Word eternally.




  God’s faithfulness is questioned by

Satan, as well as the faithfulness of

Job (chap. 1. 9-11). As though the

precious blessing which Job had received

was the main cause of his fidelity, love,

and trust in God! There is the inference

(which is a slight upon the character of

God) that God could not keep Job apart

From the continual bestowal of His

Favours upon him.  Also upon the

character of Job that he would no longer

trust God if these blessings and favours

were removed from him.  So God purposed

to seal His truth, and the faithfulness

of His servant, by permitting Job to be

sorely tried.


Man’s hope and happiness doth lie

Beneath Jehovah’s panoply.

The fear of God doth make man wise,

Above the clouds of sin to rise.

Possessing God, Eternal Wealth,

His Law of Life a Law of Health –

How best shall we the way describe,

Of God with man of every tribe?

Now Sin and Satan doth annoy,

Which takes away from man his joy?

The mystery of godliness,

Of purity, and righteousness?

Iniquity, with all its pain?

‘Tis God alone Who can explain!

Also the strange controversy

Of Satan – man’s Adversary?

With God the Lord, the Infinite,

Sought he to usurp God’s Own Right?


Shall he the Lord of Life dethrone,

And God’s creation call his own?

Does He reject God’s sovereignty,

Who is from all Eternity?

Nay, Nay, God’s challenge he must face,

And meet man on the ground of grace!

If he the human race doth own

Then Calvary shall make it known!


“Doth Job serve God for nought?” said he,

In doubting Job’s integrity.

But more did Satan yet infer

When he to blessings did refer;

For God had kept Job night and day

Not did Job from His presence stray,

But would God Satan now deny

The faith of Job in fire to try?

Or would He let unchallenged be

The Head of all Apostasy?

To Satan, He at once gave leave,

The greatest plot he could conceive,

That Satan should God’s servant prove

In righteousness, in faith and love!

To this, also did God reply:

“He’s in thy hand, though not to die,

But save his life, this My decree,

A trophy of My grace to be!”


So, to the conflict, Job was pressed,

In great calamities distressed;

Borne down with grief, affliction, too,

Job unto God remaining true.

Blow after blow of Satan’s rod;

Still faithful Job did worship God.

The first controversy did end;

And Satan hoped to make Job bend

In unbelief to God’s own Word,

Though with his lips Job blessed the Lord.

Job manifested righteousness,

No words of curse did he express.


Again with Satan God did meet,

And with these words the Lord did greet.

(The Great Arch-Fiend, who was so nigh

To God in Princely state so high,

Until he lost his first estate,

Defying God the Potentate):

“My servant Job,” consider now,

“Will he unto thy purpose bow?


Throughout the earth thine eyes may scan;

He only is the perfect man!

None like him in the earth, not one,

In him My Light of Love hath shone!

The one who feareth God always,

Eschewing evil night and day;

He holdeth fast integrity,

Although in sore adversity!

Against him movedst thou My Hand

Though he in righteousness doth stand!”


Thus Satan, in controversy,

Was angry full of jealousy,

That God’s Own Servant did Him prove

A God of Righteousness and Love!

Then Satan said: “Yea, skin for skin,

Job keepeth true his life to win;

But, by Thy hand, touch flesh and bone

And Job no longer will Thee own!

Yea, he will curse Thee to Thy face,

And spurn Thy love, Thy truth, Thy grace!”

But Satan’s words were lies, thus proved,

For Job, though sad, was still unmoved!


My reader, here’s word for you,

Within this narrative so true,

Behold the works of God with men,

For he doth speak by voice and pen!

“Doth Job serve God for nought,” say ye,

With Lucifer, man’s Enemy?

The truth, with Job, yourself may know

That worship is not empty show;

Those who in truth doth worship God,

Shall walk the path that Job hath trod!

A path of blessing, though through pain,

The crown of righteousness to gain.

Profitable is godliness,

It bringeth peace and happiness.

Both in this life, and that to come,

The earthly and the heavenly home!

Job did not serve the Lord for nought,

For God’s Own Work of Grace was wrought.

We reap whate’er we sow in life,

The seed of evil, sin and strife;

With all its pain, and misery,

And punishment, eternally.

Or seed of love of God, so kind,

Longsuffering meekness of mind;

Its fruit of faith, of hope, of peace,

With songs of joy that never cease!

Unto ourselves, or God we live,

But He returns more than we give,

When we the Lord of Life enthrone

His choicest blessings are our own!


Did God and Satan thus agree

To put Job in such agony?

Could we the truth of this define,

So deep and unexplored a mine

Of sufferings excrucible,

Experience which was terrible!

This question therefore brings a doubt,

For Job was once so “hedged about!”

This question answered, and the next,

If we but read aright the text!

The Scripture is infallible,

Though human mind insensible

Unto God Law, and Life, and Love,

Unless the Spirit, Heavenly Dove,

Doth help us clearly understand

The providence of God’s Own Hand:

Who worketh all things for our good

The we accept His Saviourhood!

This trial came by Sovereign Right,

Because God’s Word Satan did slight

Concerning Job’s integrity,

And God’s own Grace and Sovereignty!


Composed by


Clarence Bentley.


Earths Little While



Earth’s little while will soon be o’er

And its Time-table be no more.

It is but a Meditation,

Whatever our expectation!

            So, think about this

            In sorrow or in bliss!


It is God’s to predestinate

And not ours to procrastinate;

So it is foolish to argue

For all will have to stand in Death’s queue

            If they will or no,

            From Earth they must go!


Surely then, it is worth a thought:

Life and Death in God’s Word is taught!

Whatever be the consummation

Ev’ryone is on probation

            By God’s Own Decree

            In His Word we see.


God is gracious and seeks our good

By man He is misunderstood,

Though in His word He makes it plain:

It is, indeed man’s greatest gain

            To walk in His light,

            Have spiritual sight!


Because they are eternal things,

All which the Holy Spirit brings:

The Bread of Life on which to feed,

Which, alone, meets the soul’s deep need.


Composed by


Clarence Bentley.


Time Waits for No Man



Time waits for no man – not a soul –

But presses on unto its goal

God’s Clock of Time is sure to cease

In this dark world, where is no peace.


Men give no thought at all to this

Not seek their Heavenly Father’s kiss:

Like prodigal, repenting sin,

Returned, a new life to begin.


Time, now, is ours to seek the Lord:

Heaven to lose none can afford;

Jesus, for us, opened the Door:

He died for all, – could he do more?


Now is the time for us to choose:

Decision means to gain or lose

The blessedness of Jesus’ love

Who came to earth from heaven above.


Be not foolish but be in time,

God calls to men of every clime

His grace will all men justify

Christ’s death, the bonds of sin untie.


Composed by


Clarence Bentley.


Time and Tide Tarry for no Man



The tide keeps flowing, it must move on;

And time the same, ‘til Life’s Day is gone

Upon the earth of wickedness, sin,

As you cannot alter this, begin

To think: Time leads to eternity!

Ah! What then? Have you certainty

That it is well with thy poor soul

Ere another hour or two shall roll?

For thou knowest not; God shall speak

And may take you, today, or next week!

Prepare to meet thy God! Be dressed!

See to it you have all sin confessed,

Or sin will damn your soul: close the door

Of grace upon yourself for evermore!

Time is God’s dressing room for that day

Of Judgement, which is not far away:

For life is short for all men upon earth,

And is given of God – know its worth!

Its values above material things

Because the soul can soar by faith’s wings:

To things spiritual, the things divine

Given freely, they can all be thine!

Be clothed in the robe of righteousness

Of Christ, for this is the Christian’s dress.

Rise then, from thy soul sleep: yea awake,

Angels rejoice when prodigals take

The step homewards to God, from sin,

And a life of true sonship begin;

The unity of the eternal love,

Fitting the soul for God’s courts above.

Time is a dagger, to stab the heart

Of men, when from this life they must part

With a guilty conscience, and must face

Creator-Judge of the human race,

Who hath striven with them in vain

By His Spirit, again and again!


With time we must part; with God not so;

We can live with Him above, below,

On earth in sweet communion

And in the very closest union!

This, through the grace of God made possible:

Mystical and indefinable,

And then eternally in love’s plan,

As written in the gospel for man.

O, my soul, let not God’s time beat you.

Be ready! Do what thou must do –

That which the glorious Gospel doth tell,

To save you from sin and save from hell!

All who will come to Him, He receives;

All who sincerely His word believes.


            Composed by Clarence Bentley


Brevity of Time



As time is short

I know I ought

            To make my peace with God.

“In death’s dark vale”

I’m sure to wail

            Without Christ’s staff and Rod.


My comfort rest,

At His behest

            Who makes the storm a calm:

Who says: “Be still,

Obey My will”

            Satan cannot thee harm!


Yea, I will talk,

And with thee walk

            In Satan’s dreadful hour;

He will thee try

And Me defy

            Who has almighty power!


The Shepherd true

Will see me through

            The valley which brings fear

If I confess

My sinfulness

            To Jesus, Saviour dear.


He will forgive

And in me live:

            I will His grace proclaim.

To heaven He’ll bring

Where I shall sing

            For ever, “Praise His Name.”


Then I must haste

And no time waste

            That I might ready be

For that great day

When He shall say

            “Enter Eternity.”


How merciful

And bountiful

            Is Jesus’ Sov’reign grace:

His gospel call

To one and all

            Of Adam’s fallen race.


And that He should

My Saviourhood

            Redeem from death and sin;

He died for me

At Calvary

            My precious soul to win.


Composed by


Clarence Bentley.


Where will you spend eternity



Time doth speed along, or so it seems;

Men remain unconscious and in dreams.

Of the great purposes for which they live,

For God, Heaven, do not much thought give.


They while away the time in which to earn

God’s rich blessing, and from Christ to learn:

Their teacher, Saviour, Lord, Great High Priest,

The greatest value, truth they count the least.


For things of time and sense they aspire,

Not the spiritual which their souls require:

For this world’s goods and treasures to gain

They use their time and talents and brain.


Life is brief and cometh to an end,

So purposeless without the Saviour-Friend,

Who came on earth to save humanity

And give sure hope of blest Eternity.


Sin is a curse and it blights the soul:

The wages, which is death, takes the toll;

Man bereft of grace, of holiness,

Are lost without Christ’s Robe of Righteousness.


Before them stands God judgement Throne to meet,

Where they must bow the knee at Jesus’ feet:

He is appointed Judge of God’s Decree,

Where good and bad shall spend eternity.


Composed by


Clarence Bentley.


Im Pressing On

Composed by Clarence Bentley




The night is dark, clouds all around;

            I’m pressing on.

God is my light: blessings abound

To live upon.

Unchanging is His love and grace,

            I’m pressing on.

Running with patience in the race

            Till night is gone.




Press on my brother, do press on,

Fight the good fight till night has gone

Be strong, you’re not the only one,

            Press on; press on.


Christ is my Captain, Leader, Friend;

            I’m pressing on.

He will be with me to the end,

            To lean upon.

My Guide, my Helper in the way,

            I’m pressing on.

With Him it is not night, but day:

            All fears have gone.




Press on, my sister, do press on.

Faith bids all doubts and fears begone;

Be strong, you’re not the only one,

            Press on; press on.


I will rejoice in conflicts sore;

            I’m pressing on.

Jesus, the Christ, has gone before:

            Vict’ry He won

He suffered, bled, and died for me

            I’m pressing on.

His faithful follower to be

            Till crown be won.




Brother, and Sister, do press on,

Fight the good fight till crown be won,

Be strong, you’re not the only one;

Press on; press on.


Boyer Street Letter heading.jpg
Anchor 3


The other enclosure in the book was the top half of the letter heading shown above, used by the church at the time he was writing in it. It is of great interest to me personally, because the Chairman, T. Sherlock, (Tom Sherlock) was my paternal grandfather. I am not sure exactly how things developed because he lived in Bedford Street before I was born; but I know when he retired from his leadership position in the church, my uncle, Cecil Bentley (seen as a boy in the photo at the top of the page) became the pastor. The secretary, C. E Sherlock (Charlie Sherlock), was my grandfather’s brother. I have discovered an order of service sheet from the Golden Jubilee Anniversary Services, celebrating 50 years, dated February 18th & 19th 1978, with the following inside – probably written by my Uncle.


This year we are celebrating our Golden Jubilee. It is 50 years since Howard Carter opened the doors of Glad Tidings Hall, Boyer St., Derby. The Assembly, of course, had earlier beginnings. The George Street Mission was commenced in 1884, founders being Thomas Lymer and Charles Sherlock (Snr.)*


*Howard Carter was a leading figure in the Assemblies of God, and Thomas Sherlock (Snr) was my great-grandfather.


During the early years of this century, news was brought to us by John Long and others of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. As a result of this the Assembly sent two delegates to Manchester, Fred Mathias and Joe Clarke. These brethren had something to report back, having received the blessing themselves while in Manchester.


Fellowship with the friends at Heanor was established early in 1912, an interfellowship which has continued without a break since that time. The Easter Convention arrangement is that meetings are held in Derby on Good Friday and at Heanor on Easter Monday, and for many years a feature of those meetings was that Heanor supplied speakers for Good Friday and Derby supplied speakers for Easter Monday.* Some of the members at Derby and Heanor recall those early days of travelling by horse-drawn brakes.


* In fact the whole of my time in that church, 1944-1957, Derby and Heanor churches each brought in a special speaker, and both preached at each meeting, afternoon and evening on Good Friday and Easter Monday.


At the General Conference in June 1927, following an Assemblies of God Executive meeting held at George Street in May, the Assembly was welcomed into the fellowship of the Assemblies of God.


The move to Boyer Street was not the result of long term planning. The George Street Mission was situated over a carpenter’s workshop and in November 1927 we were given notice to leave the meeting room, at a time when arrangements had been made for Stephen Jeffreys* to conduct a campaign in Derby in March 1928. Just at the right time the Baptist Church on Boyer Street was put up for sale, and although there were other prospective buyers, under the hand of God we were successful in obtaining the building, but not without sacrificial giving and help from others, in particular Howard Carter.


* Stephen Jeffreys had a powerful healing ministry, and although I was not born in time to have witnessed it myself, I remember one of the church elders in Derby telling me how he had seen people coming on crutches, then after prayer throwing them away and running and jumping.

Some idea of the results of the campaign will be appreciated from the fact that besides many conversions and spectacular healings, during the year 1928 95 people were baptised and during the two months following the campaign 14 baptismal services were held.


Charles Flower was appointed Pastor in September 1928, a position he occupied until his death in 1942. Thomas and Charles Sherlock* took over joint leadership for a short period until Charles Sherlock took over the pastorate of the Leabrooks Assembly. Thomas Sherlock continued at Boyer Street until his retirement in 1950 when Cecil Bentley was appointed as pastor.


* As previously mentioned, Thomas, my grandfather, and Charles were brothers.


A class to study New Testament Greek was formed in September 1928 and the Assembly became well-known in the district for its intensive study and expository teaching.


Considerable impetus was also given to promote and encourage Youth Work both locally and in the district, by the spiritual zeal and organising ability of Charles Sherlock, the effects and influences of which are evident to this present day.


We record with thanksgiving the treasured memories of all those of our fellowship, who down through the years have been a source of inspiration and blessing, and for that family atmosphere that prevails in our midst.


At the time of the opening of Glad Tidings Hall, Howard Carter started up the chorus, taken up by the congregation as they entered the hall, and which has been a favourite in our Church Anniversary services since that time and is still our testimony.


And above the rest this note shall swell

My Jesus has done all things well.

(This is the chorus from an 18th century hymn by Samuel Medley that can be heard here, by the Coventry City Salvation Army Band)

I end this page with the last photo I have of my grandad Bentley, taken just a few months before he died, and with the short poem he had written on the back of the letter heading.

Last poem and Photo
Grandad Bentley alone.jpg

In some hearts we pray Thee

Now Thy work begin

Send Thy Holy Spirit

To convict of sin.


As we blow the Trumpet

Of Salvation Free

With Thy Still Small Whisper

Speak of Calvary.


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