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Creation or Evolution?


The Challenge

Evolution requires a huge amount of change to take place in DNA  to produce modern humans and chimps from a common ancestor in a few million years. Is it possible?

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Big Bang or Big Con?

Almost all we hear from the media, education establishments, etc., is that the Big Bang is a scientific fact. How true is this?


Junk DNA

For 40 years we were told that 95% of our DNA is useless junk. The ENCODE project proved the opposite.

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Richard Dawkins' book purporting to prove evolution is fact and creation is fiction. But does it?

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Specified Complexity

One of the greatest hurdles for evolution to surmount is specified complexity. But what is it?

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Evolution of Species

Much of the reason the theory of evolution has survived, is through defining the word 'evolution' two different ways.

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Denying Evolution

Massimo Pigliucci wrote this book to prove once and for all the error of creationism.
Did he succeed?

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Scientific American

This scientific magazine published a response to creationists. How good is it?


The god of evolution

An exchange with an evolutionist, showing his inability to answer the most basic question


The Grand Design

How grand is Stephen Hawking's design in this book?

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Brief Answers

How do Stephen Hawking's brief answers to brief questions stack up?

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Intelligent Design

Does this movement stand up to scientific observation and logic?

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Rescuing Darwin

Does this book, promoting theistic evolution manage to rescue Darwin?


Test of Faith

Is this theistic evolution course true to science and the Christian faith, or is it fraud?


My Matchstick Tower

Life forming from inanimate matter is as impossible as my matchstick tower!



The theory that everything has always changed at today's observable rate


The Multiverse

The latest notion dreamed up to rescue the impossibility of randomness producing our planet.


Burning Candles

How to believe the impossible in one easy lesson...

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Internet Debate

In this debate with evolutionists, who won?


The Scientific Method

It is time to abandon blind faith and use the scientific method to ascertain truth


Top 10 list Why Anti-Evolutionists Are Wrong

Do these arguments stand up to reason?


In a Nutshell

A brief overview of the observations destroying evolution

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The Triple Whammy

A fairly basic look at the reasons Darwinian evolution is impossible

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